June 2010 CCM Ride Friday

It’s time again for Critical Mass, Cleveland style!

We’ll begin meeting at Public Square in front of the Terminal Tower at 6pm, then will take off promptly at 6:30pm. Join us for what may be the most fun you’ll have on a bicycle! Bicyclists from all walks of life and of all skill levels are welcome!

Last month, a pack of more than fifty bicyclists trekked over downtown and other neighborhoods. Let’s aim to top seventy-five this month (the more, the merrier!). So please invite everyone you know that enjoys riding.

And in addition to serving a great social purpose, Critical Mass is also an excellent way to meet new people!

Let the discussion about an ending location and/or beach party begin below.

RSVP via Facebook here.

EDIT: If you miss us when we take off at 6:30 please chill at public square. We will swing back around at 7 p.m. and pick up any late arrivals. If you’re later than that, though, it will be tough to find us!!

Keep in mind that it’s hard to be precise with critical mass. So if it’s 7 o’clock sharp and we’re not there yet, hold tight for a few minutes!


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