CCM Reminder + Add’l Info

We sent the following message out to members of the CCM Facebook group.  If you aren’t a member already, you should do it now so that you don’t miss the great stuff we send out!

Greetings, all.

Just a quick reminder about Cleveland Critical Mass tomorrow. Meet at Public Square at 6pm, and we’ll take off promptly at 6:30pm. We will swing back through Public Square to pick up late arrivals at 7pm or shortly after.

We anticipate ending this month’s ride at Lincoln Park Pub on West 14th Street in Tremont, since LPP has plenty of space for a large group, a nice-sized patio, food, and places around to park a lot of bikes. So if you become disconnected from the group or cannot ride and would like to socialize afterward, we will meet you there sometime after 8pm.

A few us have discussed supporting our cohorts in the bicycle community in their attempts to have bicycle and pedestrian access incorporated into the new Innerbelt Bridge. You can catch up on their campaign on We are planning to take a quick group photo near the ramp in Tremont towards the very end of our ride to take a stand on the issue. This is completely optional, and those who choose not to participate may press on to our ending destination. Please consider joining us to send a message to ODOT that bicycles are a vital part of communities.

Lastly, please join our Facebook group if you haven’t already so that you can stay updated about future CCM activities. Just search “Cleveland Critical Mass” and you should find it without any problems.

Let’s all ride safely tomorrow, look out for each other like we always do, respect all riders and non-riders alike, and most importantly, make this ride the best yet!



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