Just learning about Cleveland Critical Mass?

Cleveland Critical Mass has been receiving a fair amount of media attention recently, and if you happened to just learn about us now, here’s some info for you.

First and foremost, please join the Cleveland Critical Mass Facebook group here.  We send updates about our rides and start conversations there.

Critical Mass is an international phenomenon, and we  join over 300 cities throughout the world in having a gigantic, entirely grassroots campaign the last Friday of every month.  The general purpose of Critical Mass is to assert cyclists right to the road; promote bikes as a fun, healthy and viable alternative to cars; build a greater sense of community; to motivate and inspire more people to ride bicycles; or, simply celebrate bike love and ride in solidarity with other like-minded individuals and have some fun.

We in Cleveland meet at 6pm at Public Square (in the quadrant nearest to Tower City Center) for socializing, then depart promptly at 6:30pm rain or shine.  There are no leaders and no agenda, and the route is largely improvised.  We do our best to obey traffic laws and respect all motorists and non-motorists alike.  The ride is moderately paced and generally lasts between ten and fifteen miles.  We generally plan to meet at a predetermined local establishment at approximately 8 or 8:30pm  for food, drink, and socializing.

Cleveland Critical Mass has attracted as many as 150 bicyclists from all walks of life, and we are continuing to grow each month.

For a video of Cleveland Critical Mass, please click here.

Our next monthly ride will take place Friday, July 30.  For more information, please visit the Facebook page linked above or clevelandcriticalmass.com.


3 Comments on “Just learning about Cleveland Critical Mass?”

  1. Jerry says:

    CCM was also mentioned on Joe the Coupon Guy’s blog too
    about 1/3 of the way down 🙂

  2. Jerry says:

    I told a friend at work about Critical Mass (Joe “the coupon guy”) who knows Regina Brett of The Plain Dealer and she briefly mentioned CCM in one of her articles http://www.cleveland.com/brett/blog/index.ssf/2010/07/more_free_fun_things_to_do_in.html#incart_mrt
    It’s towards the bottom of the article 😉

    – Jerry

  3. Rick Garcia says:

    That’s my picture. 🙂

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