February 2011 Ride

  • Date: February 25, 2011
  • Bikes: 15
  • Weather: Clear, freezing temps, snow and slush on most of the side streets.
  • Miles: ~7
  • Ride time: 45 mins
  • Route: Here
  • End Point: Duck Island and Johnny Mango
  • Pics: Here
  • Notes:

    Thanks to John, a fellow CCMer who was tending the bar at Duck Island!

    Also, CCM helped a couple get their car unstuck on Fulton, the gentleman kindly followed us into the bar and bought CCM a round of drinks, thanks, guy!

    See everyone in March!

Dennis’ Video:

Untitled from Dennis Litto


3 Comments on “February 2011 Ride”

  1. Dennis Litto says:

    Thanks Adele…was a great night. Looking forward to a spring that CCM.

  2. […] out the video below from Friday’s Critical Mass.  The group even had to push a car of the snow for some good carma.  The driver happily followed […]

  3. Adele says:

    Thanks for taking the video and sharing. You included some of the moments that I really loved! So…. “long haired freaky people”? Well, I have long hair and some say I’m freaky….

    LOL Great song choice.

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