May 2012 Ride

Join us for Cleveland Critical Mass on Friday, May 25. We begin meeting in the southwest quadrant of Public Square at 6:30pm, then leave at 7pm to ride bikes. CCM happens this and every last Friday of the month, regardless of the weather.

This month’s ride will conclude at The Hipp, located in The Agora, 5000 Euclid Ave. It’s a restaurant run by the same people who run the Umami Moto food truck. Great food and drinks and a nice big venue for what will hopefully be a big Mass given that the current prediction for next Friday is sunny and 80° with a 10% chance of rain!

Details are forthcoming, but we have a CCMer who works there, so hopefully we’ll have good specials.

CCM’s mission statement and guiding principles, photos and video of past rides, press, and ways you can contribute are on the About tab of this site.


2 Comments on “May 2012 Ride”

  1. Ginny Roedig says:

    I’m interested in joining. Do we have to reserve a space? And, also, how do we get back to Public Square? Do we all bike together after Happy Hour?

    • clecritmass says:

      No reservations needed, just show up at Public Square between 6:30 and 7! There are no official rides after the meet up following the ride, but riders usually continue riding or organize small rides later in the night.

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