August 2012 Ride!

Join us for Cleveland Critical Mass on Friday August 31, 2012. We begin meeting in the southwest quadrant of Public Square at 6:30pm, then leave at 7pm to ride bikes. CCM happens this and every last Friday of the month, regardless of the weather.

This month our critical mass ride will be ending up Nano Brew, Cleveland’s first bicycle inspired brew pub located on W25th street in the Ohio City neighborhood.

CCM’s mission statement and guiding principles, photos and video of past rides, press, and ways you can contribute are on the About page.


5 Comments on “August 2012 Ride!”

  1. Al says:

    Participated. We need to rethink this whole thing. How do we advance the image of cycling by breaking traffic laws, blocking traffic, and making commuters angry?

  2. Slim says:

    You guys should make an effort to improve the actual bike handling skills and confidence of your participants. It would also be nice if you encouraged them to wear helmets. A couple hundred cyclists meandering through the streets with the handling skills of infants is not a good look.

  3. Ambrosia says:

    Does anyone have a rough idea of what route the group will be taking. My father and my younger sister wanted to take part in this months ride, but we wanted to make sure it wouldnt be to grueling. Also my younger sister is only 17 will she be allowed to enter the Nano Brew. Thanks for all your help.

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