August 2013 Recap

Once again, Thank you,  Barbara Clint , James Sonnhalter, and the Shore Cultural Centre for all their efforts in planing. And thanks also goes to Mayor Bill Cervenik,  for supporting this event.

“Cleveland Critical Mass is a under-appreciated Gem”, Bill Cervenik, Mayor of Euclid1229883_632795826754016_1317816480_n

Video and Photo by Dennis Litto



11 mph WSW wind
Humidity 58%


Group Photos:

Event page:

Great Lakes Courier recap by Michael Gill:

Thank you Car 322 of the Cleveland Police Dept for helping us safely navigate through the city.


Photo by Mike Gray


2 Comments on “August 2013 Recap”

  1. T Tiberius says:

    does the police car photo mean you all have finally gotten a parade permit and are paying for police support. If not you should be. I am a cyclist and you all make my single rides less safe with all the drivers you piss off / inconvenience with your silly bike ride.

    • clecritmass says:

      Tom, You should come out for a ride with us before you judge. There is very little driver pissing off. We make it a point to talk with the drivers we are corking, and as surprising as it sounds the interaction is positive.

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