June Ride to Sims Park

June Ride to Sims Park

The City of Euclid has invited Cleveland Critical Mass back again! This year they have planed an overnight campout at Sims Park and Breakfast with Mayor Bill Cervenik. Although Sims Park in Euclid currently bans alcohol, food preparation (meaning grills & cooking fires), dogs, and swimming,exceptions have been made for this event only.
Bike Euclid, working with the City of Euclid and the Euclid Chamber of Commerce, has worked very hard to make this happen.

Councilman Joe Cimperman Of Ward 3 offered to sponsor this months permit.

Cleveland Chief of Sustainability Jenita McGowan offered to pay this months permit fee.
Commander, Patrick Stephens of Cleveland’s Third District Police Department has offered a bike police escort.
Please be respectful the land and each other etc. etc. and help us continue to foster CCM’s relationship with the City of Euclid and The City of Cleveland.


7 Comments on “June Ride to Sims Park”

  1. Cornelia Smith Brown says:

    Do you have to official join Cleveland Critical Mass or can I just ride with the group for fun? If you join is there fee and what is the amount? Because I would like to ride with the group.Thanks Cornelia

    • clecritmass says:

      It’s free for everyone no signing up. We ride out of Public Square at 7:00PM last Friday of EVERY month no-matter what. Hope to see you there, bring a friend.

  2. paula norris says:

    Is there a group riding from Euclid to Tower City? – if so? what time are you leaving???

    • clecritmass says:

      Mini-Massing from Sims Park down to Public Square. Parking is in the lot behind the Marcs (Marcs is across the street from Sims Park.) First wave departs at 5:15 PM. Final wave leaves at 5:30.

  3. Ernest-George Toles says:

    what time is the mini-mass/advance party leaveing Eucild for Tower City. Why no video from the last two rides???>They keep me going….

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