Happy Friday Indeed!

We would like to thank Mayor Bill Cervenik not only for the use of that beautiful beach and making us breakfast, but mostly for the embrace he has given to the cycling community.

Chief Thomas Brickman , the Euclid Police Department, and Euclid Auxiliary Police Officers not only have you set a great example by embracing our cycling community, you continue to raise the bar on great public safety and community outreach. And without all the red tape.

Bike Euclid, the City of Euclid and the Euclid Chamber of Commerce has worked their tail wind off not only to make sure this all happened but to make sure their city lead by example.


Bike Cleveland, Cleveland Chief of Operations Darnell Brown, Public Safety Director Michael McGrath, Chief of Sustainability Jenita McGowan, Councilman Joe Cimperman and his assistants Rachael and Linda, and many others at Cleveland City Hall helped Cleveland Critical Mass and Cleveland Police Department come to the compromise witnessed on this months ride.

Chief Calvin Williams, Commander Patrick Stephens, Deputy Chief Dornat Drummond, and Commissioner Muhic we rather enjoyed adding your men and women of the Cleveland Police to our community. We did happen to notice that the officers seem to also be enjoying themselves. Thank you for sending this great team out to escort us. Together we brought many smiles to the faces we rode past in Cleveland’s eastern neighborhoods. It was definitely a Happy Friday!



One Comment on “Happy Friday Indeed!”

  1. Ernest-George Toles says:

    WOO!!! That had to be my best CCM since my first Aug 12. Thanks to one and all who this happen. I enjoyed riding with CPD, and yes they were having a goodtime as well. The park was a good choice/spot. CM people are good “folks”, and I think we showed are true calling!!! Thanks again to CPD& EPD and city hall. Hey did Joe ride???

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