July Thank You

Many Thank yous to give for this months ride.

Anthony Zaccardelli of the International Festival for coordination with local business and giving CCM the invite. We hope this August 14-17, The International Festival has it’s largest crowd to date.

Fr. Jurcak of St. John Bosco for use of the parking lot.

Parma Heights Mayor Michael P. Byrne who laid much of the ground work and cut through the red tape. It helps to have a Mayor that knows how to get areo in a headwind.

Parma Heights Safety Director Brent Collins not only coordinated our arrival to his city he also coordinated our passage through The City of Parma as well.

Police Chief Dan Teel, and Police Sgt. Tanya Sirl of Parma Heights, arranged a very smooth and safe passage for our riders.

The City of Parma Safety Director Greg Baeppler and Police Chief Miller, showed off Parma Police corking skills as CCM passed unobstructed through it’s quite neighborhoods. We are kinda disappointed in the lack of pink flamingos and white socks.

Councilman Joe Cimperman and his dream team, Executive Assistant Rachael Sommer, interns Hope Herten and Tara knight, and Linda Litto, aunt to caption Dennis, who hand walked the permit to the proper offices in the last two months.

City Of Cleveland Director of Public Safety Michael McGrath and Director of Public Properties Michael E Cox. For the approval of our permit on such short notice.

The newest members of our corking community, the Cleveland Police for once again keeping us safe on our route. See you next month!

And last but never least the many who ride making us Critical Mass. Our very presents demonstrates a healthy, vibrant, and friendly cycling community, worthy of the many hours applied toward advocating for the cyclist that live in the cities we visit.

2 Comments on “July Thank You”

  1. Walter Scott says:

    Absolutely awesome, I’m a proud Parma resident. If you want flamingos route it by my House on Gabriella Drive. I have 5 flamingos in my front yard. Also big thanks to Family Home Italian club. Nice people, good food, beverage and welcoming.

  2. ki says:

    Keep up the good work. My cyclist and I got hit by an SUV going through a light.
    Peace y’all

    Stop the fighting in Gaza…children need to live in peace!

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