August ride to MOCA

“MOCA opens its bike racks and doors to the cycling community in this lively celebration of bike culture. On Toby’s Plaza, visitors can experience the sounds of local group Pleasure Leftists and participate in a bike-made printmaking activity. Inside, MOCA will present Cleveland-made biking and bike related videos. Two MOCA memberships, a custom Forest City Portage bag, and bike swag will be raffled throughout the evening.

Want to get a ride in before the party? Meet up with Cleveland Critical Mass at Public Square at 6:30 pm. Join hundreds of fellow cyclists in a non-centralized, public ride to emphasize bicycle awareness. The ride will end at MOCA around 8:30 pm. Indoor and outdoor bike parking will be made available, as well as water stations, cash bars, and a blender bike.”

As usual, we will meet up at Public Square at 6:30 PM and leave at 7:00 PM. For those of you driving to the destination and mini-massing into Public Square, here is MOCA’s address:

11400 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44106

Happy Friday! Let’s ride some bikes!


4 Comments on “August ride to MOCA”

  1. Kathleen Crowther says:

    Last Fall my husband was riding in the “bikeway” lane on Euclid Avenue, in broad daylight, wearing a helmet, and a florescent yellow shirt. A car turned right on him and almost killed him. The only safe way to ride a bike is in a lane which is physically separated from cars. When an accident happens, the bicycle rider is the one that is hurt. Please advocate for a safe infrastructure before lives are lost.

    • Jonnatan Sanchez says:

      Sorry to hear about your husband. I hope he didn’t sustain any bad injuries. If you are wondering about bike lanes see Bike Cleveland at or for Euclid see Bike Euclid. They are great organizations that are here to increase the awareness of cycling in the streets. They advocate so that something like what happened to your husband does not happen in our streets and to make it safer for everyone to ride.

  2. Fraser Hamilton says:

    Ive ridden the CM a couple or three times. First time was to Euclid last summer. We had a mechanical and there were sweepers with radios who hung out and then gave us advise as to which to head before leaving. Last month I had to stop coming off the Hope Memorial bridge. I was stopped for 3 or 4 minutes. The police car in back passed me and I knew I was in trouble. In my hustle to catch up with the group I came across a group of riders who had fallen off the back of the ride with a medical issue. Fortunately I had just enough first aid to help them (it was a bad cut). Is there any thought of having an assigned sweeper who is communication with the head of the ride?

    • clecritmass says:

      The police told us that they would take care of the sweeping. The group is now aware of this and will be working on ways to resolve this issue. Thanks for the notification.

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