April 24 Cara Critical Mass Ride to the Co-Op

11156363_911274712256210_4355900101272192112_nLast night Cara finished her long climb up the steep hill of life. She wasn’t just one of the many voices of our Mass, she was our courage. She showed us how to bravely face our challenges with grace and grit. Tonight we will ride with her in our hart’s with thoughts of her family on our minds. We will greatly miss you Cara.

IMGP5114-MOhio City Bicycle Co-Op

Due to Public Square being closed, we will once again meet at Mall A (Veterans’ Memorial Plaza) by the Fountain of Eternal Life (just east of the Key Tower between Rockwell and St. Clair Avenues) at 6:30 PM and ride off at 7:00 PM.

This month after we spin around our beautiful city we will visit friends and fellow Bike Nerds at the Ohio City Bicycle Co-Op. The Co-Op has invited their new neighbors Brick and Barrel Brewery to join party (I guess we know who is making the beer run).

0c6a07_4b829d797e3f48b8bce7cd18f4645839.jpg_srz_p_391_251_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzBrick and Barrel

Starting point,

Facebook event page, invite a friend

There Will be no permits pulled for this ride so riders are encouraged to obey all traffic laws.

One Comment on “April 24 Cara Critical Mass Ride to the Co-Op”

  1. Ernest-George Toles says:

    thanks for the early post for April. See You There!!!!

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