2011 Flyers

5,000 CCM flyers hot off the press from Jakprints!  Thanks to Katie for the design, they are a big improvement from last year!

We’ll need plenty of help as we hope to blanket the area with these things this year!  Let me know what areas of CLE you can help out with.


Cleveland Critical Mass – FREE Stickers !!! PLEASE VOTE

We are looking to hand out vinyl stickers for FREE to riders at the July CCM ride later this month.  Problem is; I have no artistic or graphic design skills.  I have shown some samples below, trying different colors and styles.

Please do one of the following:

  • Leave a comment listing your favorite design of the group.
  • Leave a comment listing a recommendation for a better design.
  • Email clecritmass@gmail.com your actual design.

Rules for design:

  • Please limit to 2 colors (we have no funding, and the more colors the design has, the more expensive it gets.)
  • No detailed images or pictures.  Solid or outlined graphics are okay.
  • The design should have an inch dimension of 1×4 or 1×5.  This way the sticker will display nicely on a bike’s top bar.

A – Orange / Black

B – Black / White

C – Blue / White

D – Green / Black

E – Red / Black

F – Black / White, w/Square

G – Black / White, w/Square & Border

H – Orange / White, w/Square & Border

I – Black / White, w/Skyline (thanks Josh!)

J – CLEAR – White Text and border, Background color is your bike’s paint!

Imagine the design below where the black is your bikes color!

Spring Flyers

We put in an order to print 2500 of these – please let us know if you are available to help distribute!

Feel free to print these out and post anywhere you can.  Click the images below for the high-res versions.

We’re going to work on putting the images into a 8.5×11 white background PDF for better printing.