Cleveland Critical Mass – FREE Stickers !!! PLEASE VOTE

We are looking to hand out vinyl stickers for FREE to riders at the July CCM ride later this month.  Problem is; I have no artistic or graphic design skills.  I have shown some samples below, trying different colors and styles.

Please do one of the following:

  • Leave a comment listing your favorite design of the group.
  • Leave a comment listing a recommendation for a better design.
  • Email your actual design.

Rules for design:

  • Please limit to 2 colors (we have no funding, and the more colors the design has, the more expensive it gets.)
  • No detailed images or pictures.  Solid or outlined graphics are okay.
  • The design should have an inch dimension of 1×4 or 1×5.  This way the sticker will display nicely on a bike’s top bar.

A – Orange / Black

B – Black / White

C – Blue / White

D – Green / Black

E – Red / Black

F – Black / White, w/Square

G – Black / White, w/Square & Border

H – Orange / White, w/Square & Border

I – Black / White, w/Skyline (thanks Josh!)

J – CLEAR – White Text and border, Background color is your bike’s paint!

Imagine the design below where the black is your bikes color!